Social Media Solutions for Sports

Fill stadium stands with social fans

Convert organic engagement with loyal fans on social media into happier sponsors and more ticket sales.

Personalize the fan experience

In partnership with Ticketmaster, TABLEAU + Facebook

What do innovative teams in the NHL, NBA and MLS have that your team doesn’t on the field and online?

They let fans be part of their brand experience by connecting them with the teams they love in real time.

They create collective, memorable experiences for fans; they capture their enthusiasm and amplify it beyond the stadium into all-year engagement online.

And with Tradable Bits, so can you.

Superfans in Seats

In partnership with Ticketmaster

Find influential fans and track their actions across platforms, building detailed fan profiles.

Combine social and sales data to reveal your most profitable fans and their friends networks.

Save sponsors ad spend by introducing them to your
fans with an already-proven affinity to their brand.

Valuable Sponsorships

Easily and legally share fan data with sponsors. Generate & export visual reports that prove ROI.

Seamlessly weave sponsor content in with positive on-brand social posts from fans.

Mobile moderation guarantees only on-brand content,
whether you're on the field or miles away at the office.

Live Social Displays

Track, curate and visualize the best posts about your team or league from every major social network.

Inspire fans to share even more with real-time content on jumbotrons, mobile apps and websites.

365-Day Fan Engagement

Guarantee constantly fresh content on your properties year-round, not just during the playoffs.

Create engagement campaigns that reveal more information about fans every time they interact.

Mobile-Friendly Microsite  /  No-Code Embed  /  API & SDK

Friend-of-Fan Social Ads

No one goes to the big game alone. Invite friends of influential fans to purchase tickets in social ads.

Convert casual fans to loyal advocates and season ticket holders with personalized microtargeted ads.

Turn fan passion into profit today

Discover fan interests, purchase habits, friend networks and brand preferences with every interaction. Turn this insight into more ticket sales, valuable sponsorships and new loyal fans.

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